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1. Study of Solids and Gas Distribution in Spouted Bed Operated In Stable and Unstable Conditions
Alwan, G. M., Aradhya, S.B, Al-Dahhan, M.H.
01-06 pdf
2. Artificial Neural Network : A Brief Overview
Magdi Zakaria, Mabrouka AL-Shebany, Shahenda Sarhan
07-12 pdf
3. Enhanced Approximated SURF Model For Object Recognition
S. Sangeetha, M. Thanga Kavitha, N. Manikandaprabu
13-18 pdf
4. Parameters of Upgrading Existing Building into a Green Building
Mrs. Rupali Kapure, Dr.R.K.Jain
19-23 pdf
5. Common Fixed Points for Occasionally Weakly Compatible Mappings in Cone Metric Spaces
K. Prudhvi
24-26 pdf
6. A Structure for Three-Phase Four-Wire Distribution System Utilizing Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC)
B. Santhosh Kumar, K. Vijay Kumar
27-33 pdf
7. A New Method for Placement of DG Units in Radial Distribution Networks
Mahdi Mozaffari Legha, Marjan Tavakoli, Vahid Azarian, Milad Askari Hashemabadi
34-38 pdf
8. A New Method of Filter Control Management for Power Reduce In a Stand-Alone WECS
Milad Askari Hashemabadi, Dr. Farshid Keynia, Alireza Khajoee Ravari, Dr. Mahdi Mozaffari Legha
39-44 pdf
9. Industrial Rapeseed and Sunflower Meal as Source of Antioxidants
František Kreps, Lenka Vrbiková, Štefan Schmidt
45-54 pdf
10. Plasmid Mediated Resistance to Cephalosporin and Adhesion Properties in E.Coli
Salwa Oufrid, El Mostapha Mliji, Hassan Latrache, Mustapha Mabrouki, Fatima Hamadi, Mustapha Talmi, Mohammed Timinouni
55-62 pdf
11. Robust Reversible Watermarking Using Integer Wavelet Transform and Histogram Shifting
Deepali T. Biradar, Prof. Anil Z. Chhangani
63-68 pdf
12. An Ontology Based Personalised Mobile Search Engine
Mrs. Rashmi A. Jolhe, Dr. Sudhir D. Sawarkar
69-74 pdf
13. Review on - Recent Trends in Isolation of Antioxidantsfrom Spices and its Biological Effects ofEssential Oils
A. AllwynSundarRaj, Sam Aaron I, S.S.Seihenbalg, D.Tiroutchelvamae and T.V.Ranganathan
75-84 pdf
14. A Survey on Various Image Inpainting Techniques to Restore Image
Rajul Suthar, Mr. Krunal R. Patel
85-88 pdf
15. A Comparative Study of Leakage Reduction Techniques Used In Fpga for Optimized Area and Power Consumption
Shivani Saxena, Anjali Tiwari, Ghata Chauhan, Nidhi, Richa Chaturvedi
89-94 pdf
16. Rheological Properties Of Some Surfactant-Based Fracturing Fluids
Andra Tamas, Martin Vincze And Mirabela Padure
95-101 pdf
17. Dynamic Analysis of Composite Structural System for Looms Industry
Jigar K. Sevalia, Ruchika S. Patel, Neel H. Shah, Akshay Agrawal, Neha Modi
102-123 pdf
18 Magnetic Properties of Iron(III) Complexes with Pendant-Armed Alcohols of 1, 4, 7, 10-Tetraazacyclododecane (Cyclen) Ligands
Abd-Alhakeem H. Abu-Nawwas
124-128 pdf
19. Application of Quality Control Tools in Taper Shank Drills Manufacturing Industry: A Case Study
Pratik J. Patel, Sanjay C. Shah, Sanjay Makwana
129-134 pdf
20. A Review on Parametric Optimization of Surface Roughness & Material Remove Rate of AISI D2 Steel Using Turning
Hitesh Patel, Jigar Patel, Chandresh Patel
135-138 pdf
21. Design And Implementation Of PFC CUK Converter-Based PMBLDCM Drive
S. Kaliappan, R. Thenmozhi
139-143 pdf
22. Review On Heat Transfer Enhancement Techniques in Thermal Energy Storage Systems
B. Kanimozhi, A. Prabhu, M. Anish, P. K. Harish Kumar
144-149 pdf
23. Effect of Torque on Ladder Frame Chassis of Eicher 20.16
K. I. Swami, Prof. S. B. Tuljapure
150-154 pdf
24. Regional Flood Frequency Analysis Utilizing L-Moments: A Case Study of Narmada Basin
Amit Dubey
155-161 pdf
25. Studying The Role Played By The Factors Affecting The Advanced Mechanical Maintenance Practice
Eng. Ahmed Ibraheam Abd Alaziz & Eng. Hasan Ali Al-Zenki
162-171 pdf
26. Emergy Evaluation: A Tool for the Assessment of Sustainability in Project Development
Natalia Andrea Cano Londoño, Dario Gallego Suárez, Héctor Iván Velásquez
172-178 pdf
27. Inhalable Particulate Matter Measurements (Pm2.5) In The Metropolitan Area Of Valle De Aburrá. Colombia
Carmen Helena Zapata Sanchez, Natalia Andrea Cano Londoño
179-185 pdf
28. Development of Fabric Feel Tester Using Nozzle Extraction Principle
P. Pratihar, S S Bhattacharya and A Das
186-196 pdf
29. Evaluation of Irrigation Water Quality in the Central Albanian Regions of Kavaja and Kruja
Azem Bardhi, Nikoll Bardhi, Uran Abazi
197-199 pdf
30. Weak Nonlinear Thermal Instability Under Vertical Magnetic Field, Temperature Modulation And Heat Source
B.S. Bhadauria and Palle Kiran
200-208 pdf
31. Synthesis of Nano Phase Titanium Dioxide (Tio2) In Diffusion Flame Reactor and It Application in Photocatalytic Reaction
C. Mahender, B. Murali Dr. V. Himabindu
209-213 pdf
32. Selection of Initial Seed Values for K-Means Algorithm Using Taguchi Method as an Optimization Technique
Aparna K, Mydhili K Nair
214-217 pdf
33. Impact of Available Transfer Capability Enhancement in a Three Area System Using UPFC.
D.V.S.B.Chaitanya, N.Bharath Kumar And Mahaboob Shareef Syed
218-222 pdf
34. Kokum Fruit Bar Development via Response Surface Methodology (RSM).
Pritam Bafna, Mrs. N. Manimehalai
223-230 pdf
35. Brain Tumor Detection Based On Mathematical Analysis and Symmetry Information
Narkhede Sachin G., Prof. Vaishali Khairnar, Prof. Sujata Kadu
231-234 pdf
36. A Review on Optimization of Process Parameters for Surface Roughness and Material Removal Rate for SS 410 Material During Turning Operation
Jitendra Thakkar, Mitesh I Patel
235-242 pdf
37. Effect of Sea Water on Drilling Processes of Glass Fibre Reinforced Epoxy Composite Materials to Analysis of Delamination Factor and Thrust Force
Patil Deogonda B, Vijaykumar N Chalwa
243-249 pdf
38. Transient Stability Performance Analysis of Power System Using Facts Devices
M. Srinivasa Rao, L. Murali Mohan
250-256 pdf
39. New Approach to Develop a Bilingual Compiler
Shampa Banik, Md Monjurul Islam, Md. Azher Uddin
257-261 pdf
40. Assurance of Data Integrity in Multicloud Using CPDP Scheme
Roshan R. Kolte, Rahul Deshmukh, Vaishali Surjuse, Saurabh Ratnaparkhi
262-267 pdf
41. Some Fifth and Sixth Order Iterative Methods for Solving Nonlinear Equations
Rajni Sharma
268-273 pdf
42. Multiphase Boost Converter with Reduced Input Current Ripple Using Direct Coupled Inductors
G. Kishor, D. Subbarayudu, S. Sivanagaraju
274-279 pdf
43. Box –Jenkins Models For Forecasting The Daily Degrees Of Temperature In Sulaimani City
Samira Muhammad Salh, Salahaddin A.Ahmed
280-292 pdf
44. Feature Based Registration of Brain Mr Image
R.Sobilal Jini, S.Robinson Sobitharaj
293-298 pdf
45. Contribution of the Reflected Waves Method in Structural Modeling of Albanides
Petraq Naço, Gjon Kaza, Viktor Doda, Fatbardha Vinçani, Fatbardha Cara
299-307 pdf
46. Comparison of PID Controller Tuning Methods with Genetic Algorithm for FOPTD System
K. Mohamed Hussain, R. Allwyn Rajendran Zepherin, M. Shantha Kumar, S.M. Giriraj Kumar
308-314 pdf
47. Expected Time to Recruitment in A Two - Grade Manpower System Using Order Statistics for Inter-Decision Times and Attrition
J. Sridharan, P. Saranya, A. Srinivasan
315-330 pdf
48. A Review on Optimization of Process Parameters for Improving Performance in Electrical Discharge Machining
Viral B. Prajapati, H.G. Rajput
331-336 pdf
49. Distributed, Modular, Network Enabled Architecture For Process Control Military Applications
Abhijit Kamble, Ashish Dubey, C L Waghmare, Rajesh Chary, Arun Barde, Moiz Chasmai, Guru Prasad
337-340 pdf
50. A New Technique .for Road Extraction Using Mathematical Morphology, Fuzzy and Genetic Algorithm
Shweta Gupta, Gajendra Singh
341-346 pdf
51. Analysis of Process Mining Model Using Frequentgroup Based Noise Filtering Algorithm
V. Priyadharshini, A. Malathi
347-349 pdf
52. Artificial Vision in 3D Perspective. For Object Detection On Planes, Using Points Clouds.
Catalina Alejandra Vázquez Rodriguez, Luis García Tovar
350-356 pdf
53. MCDA or MCDM Based Selection of Transmission Line Conductor: Small Hydropower Project Planning and Development
Priyabrata Adhikary, Susmita Kundu
357-361 pdf
54. FPGA Based RADAR Signal Emulator for Signal Processing Test Applications
S. Yoganand, S. Sundara Babu, C. Madhu
362-367 pdf
55. A Modified Rectifier Stage Topology of Hybrid Wind-Solar Energy System
L. Ramesh Naidu, C. Sreenivasulu, M. Naveen Babu
368-373 pdf
56. Experimental Investigation of Performance and Emission Characteristics of Blends of Jatropha Oil Methyl Ester and Ethanol in Light Duty Diesel Vehicle
Mr. S.K.Sinha, Vipul Vibhanshu, Prof. Naveen Kumar, Amardeep
374-383 pdf
57. Effective Use of Colors in HMI Design
Shreya Deodhar, Prachi Agrawal, Aditi Helekar
384-387 pdf
58. Factors Affecting the Online Shopping Behavior: An Empirical Investigation in Vietnam
Ngo Tan Vu Khanh, Gwangyong Gim
388-392 pdf
59. Automatic Power Factor Correction Using Capacitive Bank
Mr.Anant Kumar Tiwari, Mrs. Durga Sharma, Mr.Vijay Kumar Sharma
393-395 pdf
60. A Voltage Regulator for Parallel Operated Isolated Synchronous Generators Using Statcom
Sravanthi Gudipati, Srikanth D, B.Deepthi
396-402 pdf
62. Establishing Connectivity Graphs as a Functional Genotypes of Federal Courthouse Buildings
Saleem M. Dahabreh
407-412 pdf
63. Optimization of Magnesium Metal into Commercially Pure Aluminium
Vandana J Rao
413-415 pdf
64. Dynamic Analysis of Multistory RCC Building Frame with Flat Slab and Grid Slab
Ravi Kumar Makode, Saleem Akhtar, Geeta Batham
416-420 pdf
65. A Solution of One-dimensional Advection-diffusion equation for Concentration Distribution in fluid flow through Porous Media by Homotopy Analysis Method
Kajal K. Patel, M. N. Mehta T. R. Singh
421-428 pdf
66. Analyzing Performance for Mutual Authentication Mechanism for Wimax: IEEE 802.16e
Mrs. R. C. Roychaudhary, Mrs. S.S. Telrandhe, Mrs. C.N. Rokde, Ms. A. Y. Khobragade
429-438 pdf
67. Effective Removal of Fluoride from Ground Water Using Electro-Coagulation
Sailaja Kumari Battula, Jyostna Cheukuri, Raman. N. V. V. S. S, Himabindu .V, Bhagawan. D
439-445 pdf
68. Automatic Syllabification Rules for ASSAMESE Language
Laba Kr. Thakuria, Prof. P.H. Talukdar
446-450 pdf
69. High-Frequency Resonant Matrix Converter using IGBT-Based Bidirectional Switches for Induction Heating
Jami Rajesh, S.V.Deepak, S.V.Ramjee, M.Sai kiran, T.N.V.Durga Prasad
451-457 pdf
70. A Review on "FPGA Implementation of Low Power QPSK Modulator by Using Hardware Co-Simulation"
Preksha R. Kolankar, Swati V. Sakhare
458-461 pdf
72. Optimization of Inventory System: A Case Study of Haldiram Bread Industry
Amit Kumar, Mahima Singh and Bimal Kumar Shrivastava
468-473 pdf
73. EEE Model for Evaluation of ERP Efficiency in Real Time Systems
Maha Attia Hana, Mohamed Marie, Rasha Mansour Mohamed
474-480 pdf
74. Kerberos Based Electronic Tender system
481-484 pdf
75. Adaptive Local Entropy Based Automatic Virus Particle Detection
Hizana M, Anto Kumar R P
485-492 pdf
76. Enhancing the Communication Range and Reliability of Mobile ADHOC Network Using AODV-OSPF Protocol
Onkar Nath Thakur, Amit Saxena
493-498 pdf
77. Analysis on Design Issues of Educational Website Standards
Jatinder Manhas
499-502 pdf
78. Flexible technology for Electronics: Its Derivatives and Possibilities
Deovrat Phal, Akshay Narkar, Manoj Patil
503-507 pdf
79. Wavelet Based Techniques for Speckle Noise Reduction in Ultrasound Images
Nishtha Attlas, Dr. Sheifali Gupta
508-513 pdf
80. A Comparative Study of the Effect of Variation of Inside Diameter of Condenser and Mass Flow Rate on the Heat Transfer Coefficient in a Domestic Refrigerator.
Rajesh Joshi, Dr. A.I. Khandwawala
514-518 pdf
81. An Overview of Android Operating System and Its Security Features
Rajinder Singh
519-521 pdf
82. Load Flow Analysis Using Real Coded Genetic Algorithm
Himakar Udatha, Dr. M. Damodar Reddy
522-527 pdf
83. Medical Application Using Multi Agent System - A Literature Survey
Sougata Chakraborty, Shibakali Gupta
528-546 pdf
84. Web Portal: Housing Society Management System
Kushal Patadia, Keshav Manjrekar, Tejal Zope, Pranav Patil
547-551 pdf
85. Assessment of Efficacy among String Quest
K.Manju, R. Brindha, V. Lathika, Mr. A. M. Ravishankkar, Mr. T. Yoganandh
552-556 pdf
86. Image Fusion of CT/MRI using DWT , PCA Methods and Analog DSP Processor
Sonali Mane, S. D. Sawant
557-563 pdf
87. Acceptance sampling for the secretion of Gastrin using crisp and fuzzy Weibull distribution
A. Venkatesh and G. Subramani
564-569 pdf
88. Impact and remedial strategy of Fluoride in Ground Water – A Review
Bhagwan yadav, Abha Garg
570-577 pdf
89. Expected Time To Recruitment In A Two Grade Manpower System
578-592 pdf
90. Investigation of Web Mining Optimization Using Microbial Genetic Algorithm
Dipali Tungar, Prof. Amol D. Potgantwar
593-597 pdf
91. Corrosion in Electronic Devices and Sensors to Prevent Corrosion
Siddharth Dev
598-600 pdf
92. Detection of Static Obstacles for Railways
Swati Dilip Bhondwe, Padmashree M Sanath Jain, Mitali Gulab Gore, Shreya Vikas Shirodkar, Prachi Kshirsagar
601-604 pdf
93. Optical Character Recognition for Isolated Offline Handwritten Devanagari Numerals Using Wavelets
Gaurav Y. Tawde
605-611 pdf
94. New Approach to Low-Power & Leakage Current Reduction Technique for CMOS Circuit Design
Sujata Prajapati , Prof. M. Zahid Alam, Dr. Rita Jain
612-617 pdf
95. Pruning on Fuzzy Min-Max Neural Networks
Sanchita Rothe, Shruti Shete, Rachana Varyani, Sukanya Mulay
618-622 pdf
96. Hiding Sensitive items using MDSRRC to Maintain Privacy in Database
Pratiksha Sapkal, Minakshi Panchal, Manisha Pol, Madhumita Mane
623-627 pdf
97. High Efficiency Interleaved Active Clamped Dc-Dc Converter with Fuel Cell for High Voltage Applications
Sona P, Sheela Joseph, Elizebath Paul
628-632 pdf
98. Implementation of Inverter with Flexible Voltage Control for A DC Line in a System
M. Mohanraj, R. Lalitha
633-637 pdf
99. The Design and Performance Analysis of Refrigeration System Using R12 & R134a Refrigerants
K. Nagalakshmi, G. Marurhiprasad Yadav
638-643 pdf
100. Design and Implementation proposed encryption and Hiding Secure Image In an Image
Asst. Prof. Dr.Bahejak.Shukur, Alaaldeen Abbas Abdulhassan, Mohammed Hussein Jawad
644-655 pdf
101. Password Guessing Resistant Protocol
Arya Kumar, A. K. Gupta
656-660 pdf
102. Analysis of process parametersin electro-discharge machining of Tungsten carbideby using taguchi
Nonihal Singh Dhakry, Prof. Ajay Bangar, Gaurav Bhadauria
661-669 pdf
103. Resistance of different materials used in sewers systems:Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polypropylene (PP) and High density polyethylene (HDPE), to sulfuric acid and sodium sulfate attack
LASFAR Sara, MOUALLIF Ilias, LATRACH Abdelkhalek, CHERGUI M'Hamed, CHOUKIR Abdellah, DIAB Ahmed
670-678 pdf
104. General Fault Admittance Method Line-To-Line-To-Ground Faults In Reference And Odd Phases
J.D. Sakala, J.S.J. Daka
679-690 pdf
105. Determination of IMF using Hilbert–Huang Transform
Sonali Dhanorkar, Dr.Y.S.Angal
691-696 pdf
106. Optimization of Laminated Composite Z-Section Beam
Sanjay Gupta, Ram Krishna Rathore
697-703 pdf
107. Power Factor Correction and THD Minimization by Interleaved Boost Converter in Continuous Conduction Mode
Saubhik Maulik, Prof. Pradip Kumar Saha, Prof. Goutam Kumar Panda
704-708 pdf
108. Diaminoalkane as Spacer Arm between Polystyrene and b-Cylodextrin in Affinity Chromatography for a-Amylase Separation
Sri Widarti, Zeily Nurachman, Buchari, Muhammad Bachri Amran
709-714 pdf
109. Performance Evaluation of Human Voice Recognition System based on MFCC feature and HMM classifier
Mr. Anand Mantri, Mr. Mukesh Tiwari, Mr. Jaikaran Singh
715-719 pdf
110. TDBLMS based Adaptive Filter for Color Image Noise Abolition
Mr. Rahul tiwari, Mr. Niraj kumar, Mr. Jaikaran singh
720-724 pdf
111. Arm as a Touch-Screen
Abhijeet S. Kapse, Sunil B. Somani
725-728 pdf
112. Nonlinear Dynamics Study Of Voltage Mode Controlled DC Drive With PID Controller
Sukumar Das, Shubhajit Pal,Prof. Goutam Kumar Panda, Prof. Pradip Kumar Saha
729-733 pdf
113. Color Sensitivity Multiple Exposure Fusion using High Dynamic Range Image
Varsha Borole, Dr.Y.S.Angal
734-736 pdf
114. An Adaptive Approach for Single Objective Optimization
Ram Krishna Rathore, Kaushal Sharma, Amit Sarda
737-746 pdf
115. Comparison of the 3D Protein Structure Prediction Algorithms
Fadhl M. Al-Akwaa, Husam Elhetari, Noman Al Naggar and Mahmoud A. Al-Rumaima
462-467 pdf



























































































































































































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