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S.No. Title Page Downloads
1. Analysis of Turbine Blade under the Effect of Damping with Different Materials
N. Sreenivasa Babu, Dr. K. Jayathirtha Rao
01-05 pdf
2. Effect of Annealing On Thin Film Fabrication of Cadmium Zinc Telluride by Single-R.F. Magnetron Sputtering Unit
Dr. Monisha Chakraborty and Sugata Bhattacharyya
06-20 pdf
3. Analysis and Design of Finfet Based Variable Gain Amplifier
Snehal Lopes, S. S. Rathod
21-25 pdf
4. Role Of Biopreservation In Improving Food Safety And Storage
Swarnadyuti Nath, S. Chowdhury, Prof. K.C. Dora and S. Sarkar
26-32 pdf
5. Rotation Estimation Of Gujarati Script Document Using Hough Transform
Jay Maniar, Shreyal Patel, Lipi Shah, Ripal Patel
33-36 pdf
6. Metal Casting- A Review Work
Haider Hussain
37-40 pdf
7. Developing Cost Effective Automation In Soap Manufacturing
Rajesh B. Salwe, Prof.S.V.Dahake,Prof.M.S.Jibhakate
41-43 pdf
8. Hash Based Least Significant Bit Technique For Video Steganography
Prof. Dr. P. R. Deshmukh , Bhagyashri Rahangdale
44-49 pdf
9. Analysis of Numerical Aperture Dependence in L-Band 16-Channel WDM Optical Communication System
Kamalbir Kaur, Kulwinder Singh
50-57 pdf
10. Implementation of a Load Balancer for Instant Messaging over SIP Server Clusters with Improved Response time
P. Lekha Chandra, A.Rama Satish
58-62 pdf
11. Impacts of Tanneries on Quality of Groundwater in Pallavaram, Chennai Metropolitan City
K.Ramesh, V.Thirumangai
63-70 pdf
12. Impact of Drip Irrigation Scheduling on Vegetative Parameters in Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) Under Unheated Greenhouse
S.M. Alaoui, R. Salghi, A. Abouatallah, N. Jaouhari, B. Hammouti
71-76 pdf
13. Fertility Effects of Retained Trees with Vegetation Development on Landslide Area
Yi-Chang Chen, Yu-Ting Su, Edward Ching-Ruey Luo
77-81 pdf
14. Outer-Sphere Mechanism in the Oxidation of Pyrrole-2-Carboxaldehyde by Hexacyanoferrate (III) Complex.
Abd-Alhakeem H. Abu-Nawwas; Reda S. Abdel Hameed, Fayez M. Eissa
82-88 pdf
15. Partial Rootzone Drying: Changing Alternation Frequency at Different Phenological Stages and Impact on Tomato Crop
N. Affi, A. El Fadl, M. El Otmani, M.C. Ben Ismail, L.M. Idrissi, R. Salghi
89-93 pdf
16. Design, Analysis and Optimization of Three Aluminium Piston Alloys Using FEA
Ajay Raj Singh, Dr. Pushpendra Kumar Sharma
94-102 pdf
17. Prediction of River Stage in an Ungauged Stream
Onosakponome O. R, Mbachu V. C and Odenigbo C
103-110 pdf
18. GENSET Diesel Engine Design Optimization for CPCB- II Emission Norms Using Cost Effective Techniques
Shivpoojan Kathait
111-114 pdf
19. Study of Utilization of Pulp and Paper Industry Wastes in Production of Concrete
Seyyedeh Fatemeh Seyyedalipour, Daryosh Yousefi Kebria, Nima Ranjbar Malidarreh, Ghasem Norouznejad
115-122 pdf
20. Temporal Variation of Carbon Monoxide Concentration at Congested Urban Roadways Intersection
Ghanshyam and Kafeel Ahmad
123-127 pdf
21. Experimental Study of Coir Fiber as Concrete Reinforcement Material incement Based Composites
J.Sahaya Ruben, Dr.G.Baskar
128-131 pdf
22. Paper on Proposed System for Placing Free Call over Wi-Fi Network Using Voip and SIP
Bhushan R. Jichkar
132-135 pdf
23. Study of Dielectric Relaxation in 60B2O3 – 10TeO2 -5TiO2 - 25R2O (R= Li, Na & K) Quaternary Glass System
Suresh Sripada
136-140 pdf
24. Remote Control of Android Phones Using VNC
Sejal Patel, Priyadarshani Raskar, Pragati Badhe, Prof. Archana Lomte
141-144 pdf
25. A Smart Wireless Electronic Energy Meter Reading Using Embedded Technology
Shraddha Male, Pallavi Vethekar, Kavita More, Prof. V. K. Bhusari
145-147 pdf
26. Synthesis of New Polyurethane Coating Based On Rosin for Corrosion Protection of Petroleum Industries Equipment
Ossama M.Abo-Elenien, Ashraf M. Elsaeed, Maher A. El-Sockary
148-155 pdf
27. Load Frequency Control of Two Area Interconnected Power System Using Conventional and Intelligent Controllers
Sateesh Kumar Vavilala, R S Srinivas, Machavarapu Suman
156-160 pdf
28. Interference Cancellation Anddetection for More Than Two Users
Syed Shaffi, V.Vamsi Mohana Krishna
161-168 pdf
29. An Application of Assignment Problem in Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP)
Ghadle Kirtiwant P, Muley Yogesh M
169-172 pdf
30. Glitch Reduction in Low- Power Low- Frequency Multiplier
Bhethala Rajasekhar, Vadite Nagaraju, Zuber Basha Shaik
173-176 pdf
31. Experimental Investigation of Effect of Process Parameters on Mrr and Surface Roughness In Turning Operation on Conventional Lathe Machine For Aluminum 6082 Grade Material Using Taguchi Method
Mihir T. Patel, Vivek A. Deshpande
177-185 pdf
32. Analysis of ECG Using Filter Bank Approach
S. Thulasi Prasad, S. Varadarajan
186-190 pdf
33. Impact of Vehicle Mobility on Performance of Vehicular Ad Hoc Network IEEE 1609.4
M. Ahyar, Irfan Syamsuddin, Hafsah Nirwana, Ibrahim Abduh, Lidemar Halide, Nuraeni Umar
191-195 pdf
34. Idealization of a Gas Turbine Compressor Blade to a Rectangular Plate and Analyzing the Variation of Stress Concentration Factor for U-Notches
Mohammad Rafi Nadaf, Sharan Shegedar
196-202 pdf
35. Novel Technique for Fire Detection
S.P. Kale, S. B. Somani
203-205 pdf
36. Improved Estimation of Population Mean Using Median and Coefficient of Variation of Auxiliary Variable
Subhash Kumar Yadav, Sheela Misra, Alok Kumar Shukla, Vishwas Tiwari
206-211 pdf
37. Data Acquisition System (DAS) Based On ARM Embedded Web Server
Ms.Vaishali Dhawale, Prof.S.M. Turkane
212-215 pdf
38. An Introduction to License Plate Detection System
Archita Patel, Mr. Krunal R. Patel
216-222 pdf
39. Closed Form Solutions to Water Pollution Problems Using Auto-BäcklundTransformations
Vinicius G. Ribeiro, Jorge Zabadal, Fábio Teixeira, Guilherme Lacerda, Sidnei Silveira, André Da Silveira
223-229 pdf
40. Studying The Factors Affecting Advanced Mechanical Maintenance Practice
Mohamed Hafez Barakat & Barakat Abdelgalil Zidan
230-235 pdf
41. Filter Design: Analysis and Review
Anirudh Singhal
236-259 pdf
42. Comparison between Unknown Input Estimation of a System Using Projection Operator Approach and Generalized Matrix Inverse Method
Ashis De, Gourhari Das
260-265 pdf
43. Analysis on Energy Efficient Approaches for Routing In Mobile Adhoc Network
Neha. J. Mistry, Mr. Dhavalsinh. M.Gohil
266-271 pdf
44. Finite Element Based Analysis of the Effect of Internal Voids on the Strength and Stress Distribution Of Component- Review
Sagar S. Awate, Sandeep S. Kore
272-273 pdf
45. Reduction of FeO in EAF Steelmaking Slag by End-Of-Life Polystyrene and It's Blend with Metallurgical Coke
James Ransford Dankwah
274-279 pdf
46. Urban Development in Ariyalur District, Using Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System (Gis)
R.Vasanthi , R. Baskaran and G.Vanaraju
280-291 pdf
47. Intuitionistic Fuzzy Generalized Beta Closed Mappings
D. Jayanthi
292-297 pdf
48. Gesture & Speech Based Appliance Control
Dr. Sayleegharge, Prof. Manisha Joshi, Bhaumikdoshi, Varun Sharma, Anikettamhankar
298-302 pdf
49. Cloud Service Based On Database Management System
Monica Kadam, Shubhangi Tambe, Pooja Jidge, Ekta Tayade
303-306 pdf
50. Simulation of Trigonometric Signals Using Area-Time Efficient Algorithm
Siva Kumar K, Subramanyam M,Chaitanya Kumar G, Sai Lakshmi K, Prasanna Kumar K
307-314 pdf
51. Visual Interpretation Of Hand Gestures For Human Computer Interaction
M.S.Sahane, H.D.Salve, N.D.Dhawade, Prof.S.A.Bajpai
315-317 pdf
52. Robust Control Based On Sliding Mode of the Shunt Active Filter to Compensate For the Disturbing Currents in the Electric Power
Tarik Jarou, Nabil Elhaj And Anass Laachir
318-326 pdf
53. Detection of Retinal Hemorrhage Using Splat Feature Classification Technique
Athira R V, Ferlin Deva Shahila D
327-330 pdf
54. Design and Simulation of DSTATCOM Using Phase Shift Control Based On Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation
Amrita Saraf, Arti Bhandakkar
331-337 pdf
55. Some Double Integral Representations For The Exton's Triple Hypergeometric Function X9Involving Gauss Hypergeometric Function, Generalized Kampe De Feriet Function And Exton's Function
Radha Mathur
338-340 pdf
56. A Practical Frame-Work for the Performance Evaluation of Classical Frequency Planning Schemes in OFDM Based on Markov's Model
G. Santhosh Kumar, Kvbl Deepthi, V. Rama Krishna Sharma
341-345 pdf
57. Impact of Groundwater Quality from Industrial East Coastal Town, Southern India
K. Ramesh, L. Elango
346-354 pdf
58. Predictions of On-Line Banks' Fraudulent: A Study on Discriminant Analysis
Gabriel Joseph Mukungu, Gwangyong Gim
355-361 pdf
59. An Efficient Reconfigurable Content Addressable Memory
Saswathy Sekharan
362-367 pdf
60. Improved AODV Routing Protocol for MANET
Vinay. P.Viradia
368-374 pdf
61. Rotation and Scale Invariant Feature Extraction Using Complex Zernike Moments Forfarsiand Arabic Handwriting Character
Mahvashakbari, Maryam Khademi
375-380 pdf
62. Heart Rate Variability Classification and Feature Extraction Using Support Vector Machine and PCA: An Overview
Rahul Pitale, Kapil Tajane, Dr Jayant Umale
381-384 pdf


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