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1. In-Silico Studies of Halophilic Archaeon DL31 Plasmids for Gene Annotation and Structure Prediction
Archis Panday, Azeem Siddique and S. G. Sanmukh And Krishna Khairnar
01-12 pdf
2. Crack Sensing Scheme in Rail Tracking System
Ch. Muneendra Rao, B. R. Bala Jaswanth
13-18 pdf
3. Optical, Structural and Elemental Analysis of New Nonlinear Organic Single Crystal of Urea L-Asparagine
R. N. Jayaprakash, P. Sundaramoorthi, T. Dhanabal
19-22 pdf
4. High Speed Boosted Cmos Differential Logic for Ripple Carry Adders
Meenu Roy, N.Kirthika
23-28 pdf
5. Detecting Malicious Node: Survey
Charusheela Pandit, Seema Ladhe
29-38 pdf
6. Review Paper on Flooding Attack in MANET
Ruchita Meher, Seema Ladhe
39-46 pdf
7. Comparison of Modulation Techniques Used In WCDMA
Ciana Barretto, Olinda Braganza, Suman D'sa, Saurabh Saju, Gejo George
47-54 pdf
8. Effect of ZnS as an Impurity on the Physical Properties of KDP Single Crystals
O. V. Mary Sheeja, C. K. Mahadevan
55-65 pdf
9. A Review: Multi Protocol Label Switching (Mpls)
Rashed Qayoom Shawl, Rukhsana Thaker, Er. Jasvinder Singh
66-70 pdf
10. Solar Panel Maximum Power Point Tracker for Power Utilities
Sandeep Banik, Dr P.K.Saha , Dr. G.K Panda
71-75 pdf
11. Design of Off-Grid Home with SOLAR-WIND-BIOMASS Energy
Smruti Ranjan Pradhan, Sarada Prasanna Sahoo, Radhakrishna Das, Priyanka Sen
76-81 pdf
12. Modeling and Simulation of Microgrid Connected Renewable Energy Resources with Svpwm Technique
Govinda Chukka, P. Guruvulu Naidu
82-87 pdf
13. Anomaly Extraction Using Association Rule Mining
Ms. Gargi Joshi
88-92 pdf
14. Performance Appraisal of River Stone as a coarse Aggregate in Concrete
Chandrashekar. A, Maneeth.P.D
93-102 pdf
15. Mobile Element Routing, Data Gathering and Energy Efficient Data Transmission in Wireless Sensor Networks
G.Guru charan, S. Ravi Kumar, G.Srikanth
103-111 pdf
16. Enhancement in Power Generation in Hydroelectric Power Plants with Water Conservation- A Case Study
Shambhu Ratan Awasthi, Vishnu Prasad, Saroj Rangnekar
112-120 pdf
17. Artificial Neural Network Modeling for Dynamic Analysis of a Dam-Reservoir-Foundation System
Pr. Dr. Rafa H. S. Al-Suhaili, Pr. Dr. Ahmed A. M. Ali, Shamil A. K. Behaya
121-143 pdf
18. Optimization of Heat Treatment Process for Internal Clutch by Using Taguchi Technique
Prof. S. R. Thakare, Prof. S. C. Makwana
144-151 pdf
19. Design of High Speed Low Power Reversible Logic Adder Using HNG Gate
Manjeet Singh Sankhwar, Rajesh Khatri
152-159 pdf
20. MPPT control of Photovoltaic using SEPIC converter to reduce the input current ripples
M. R. Banaei, M. R. Shirinabady, Mehdi Mirzaey
160-166 pdf
21. Attention-Grabbing Train Car Advertisements
Motoi Ogura, Takayuki Hachiya, Kenta Masubuchi, Kakuro Amasaka
167-175 pdf
22. Investigation of Four wave mixing effects using different modulation formats in optical communication system
Prabhpreet Kaur, Kulwinder Singh
176-181 pdf
23. Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Rice Straw Fibre Polypropylene Composites
K Sudhakar, Ch Srinivas
182-187 pdf
24. Triple Domination Number and Its Connectivity of Complete Graphs
A. Nellai Murugan, G. Victor Emmanuel
188-192 pdf
25. Cut Slotted Microstrip Antenna for Dual Frequency Application and Analysis Using Different Optimizer Available In Ie3d
Hasanujjaman, Mehedi Hasan Habib Mondal, Dr. A Biswas, Dr. A. K Bhattacharjee
193-196 pdf
26. Unique Rating System for Green Building: By Comparing Various Existing Rating Systems
Mr.RishabhG. Saigaonkar, Dr. S. S. Pimplikar, Mr.Pritesh D. Aher
197-206 pdf
27. Automated Image Segmentation And Characterization Technique For Effective Isolation And Representation Of Human Face
Rajesh Reddy N, Mohana Vamshi Komandla, Ganesh NVSL, Nandhitha N.M, Logashanmugam E
207-210 pdf
28. Modified Shuffled Iterative Encoding For Binary Ldpc Codes
S. Renugavathi, R. Kalpana, R.P.Rubajini, R.Rajalakshmi
211-213 pdf
29. Study of Drive Mechanisms of Bicycle, Tricycle or Like Vehicles to Optimize Operating Performance - A Review
Rahul U. Urunkar, Prof. P. P. Deshpande
214-219 pdf
30. Muffler Design for Automotive Exhaust Noise Attenuation - A Review
Mr. Jigar H. Chaudhri, Prof. Bharat S. Patel, Prof. Satis A. Shah
220-223 pdf
31. Short Term Air Quality Forecast Using Data Driven Approaches
Shruti S. Tikhe , Dr. Mrs.K.C. Khare, Dr. S. N. Londhe
224-236 pdf
32. Neural Philosophy in Medical Applications
A. Rethinavel Subramanian
237-241 pdf
33. Designing, Constructing, And Testing A Low – Speed Open – Jet Wind Tunnel
Nguyen Quoc Y
243-246 pdf
34. Simulation Application for Optimization of Solar Collector Array
Igor Shesho, Done Tashevski
247-256 pdf
35. Growth and Characterization of ADP Single Crystals Added With CdS
J. Anitha Hudson, C.K. Mahadevan and C.M. Padma
257-266 pdf
36. Leachate Characterization and Assessment of Ground Water Pollution near MSW Dumpsite of Mavallipura, Bangalore
G Venkata Ramaiah, S. Krishnaiah, Maya Naik, Shankara
267-271 pdf
37. The Use of HYSPLIT Model to Determine the Affected Areas of Dispersed Sea-Salt Particles of Dried Urmia Lake
Mahshid Nasiri, Khosro Ashrafi,Fereydoun Ghazban
272-279 pdf
38. Structural and Dielectric Properties of Pb2+ Doped ZnO Nanocrystalline Thin Films
N. Nithyaa, and S. Rugmini Radhakrishnan
280-285 pdf
39. Gas Hold-Up, Mixing Time and Circulation Time in Internal
Loop Airlift Bubble Column

Ali Abdul Rahman–Al Ezzi a,b Ghazi Faisal Najmuldeen
286-294 pdf
40. Simulation Model of Hydro Power Plant Using Matlab/Simulink
Mousa Sattouf
295-301 pdf
41. Cost Optimization for Series-Parallel Petroleum Transportation Pape-Lines under Reliability Constraints
M. Amara, R. Meziane, A. Zeblah
302-310 pdf
42. Linear and Nonlinear Behavior Analysis of a Flexible Shaft Supported By Hydrostatic Squeeze Film Dampers
A. Bouzidane and M. Thomas
311-316 pdf
43. Environmental Pollution and Contamination of Water Resources within Awka and Environs
Nwabineli, E. O. otti, V. I., Nwafor, A. U., Nwolum, F. C.
317-320 pdf
44. Sleep Methods-An Efficient Way to Reduce the Leakage Power
Rohith Nama, Shoban Mude
321-325 pdf
45. Spatial Patterns of Residential Water Supply Accessibility Levels in Anambra State, Nigeria
Ezenwaji, E. E., Awopeju, A. K., Otti, V. I., Eduputa, B. M.
326-336 pdf
46. Solving the Accuracy Metrics and Diversity Measures For Personalised Recommendation
I. Jenitta Magdalene, Mrs.Rebecca Sandra
337-341 pdf
47. Implementing Total Quality Management to Improve Facilities and Resources of Departments in Engineering Institute
Sumit P. Raut, Laukik P. Raut
342-349 pdf
48. A Secure and Lossless Adaptive Image Steganography with Mod-4 LSB Replacement Methods Using Image Contrast
K. Devi Lavanya, Nittala. Raviteja, Katta. Mangarao
350-358 pdf
49. Design of FFT Algorithm in OFDM Communication System
Baddi.Yedukondalu, Valluri.Jaganmohanrao, T. Chandra Sekhar
359-364 pdf
50. Effect of Potassium Chloride on Fly Ash Based Blended Cement Concrete
Dr. B. Madhusudhana Reddy, D. Pavan Kumar and Prof.C.Sashidhar
365-370 pdf
51. Hand Gesture Spotting Using Sign Language through Computer Interfacing
Neha S. Chourasia, Sampa Barman
371-374 pdf
52. FCM for Malignant Detection in Mammogram
E. Vidhya Jyothi, R. Gayathri
375-381 pdf
53. Introducing Pico Hydro From Daily Used Water And Rain Water
Rashed Al Amin, Samioul Hasan Talukder
382-385 pdf
54. An Analysis of Harmonic Mitigation to Reduce Transmission Losses in Power System
Apurva Ganguli, Abhay Kumar Sharma, V.K. Bajpai
386-391 pdf
55. Design and Analysis of Multi Level D-STATCOM to Improve the Power Quality
Dinesh. Badavath, Mr. T. Subramanya Sastry
392-396 pdf
56. The Material Behavior Of Plastered-Bamboo Wall Towards Lateral Loads
V. R. R. Hutubessy, Hrc. Priyosulistyo, A. Awaludin
397-403 pdf
57. Design and Implementation of Flexible D-Statcom for Mitigating Power Quality Problems and Improve the Distribution System Performance
Ramesh Lakavath, K.Kumaraswamy, S.Sahithi and G.Naresh
404-413 pdf
58. Efficient VLSI Architecture For CSD Basedsub-Band Tree Structure Using 4-Tap Filter
Radhe Kant Mishra, Dr. Subbaratnam Kumar
414-417 pdf
59. A Simple Experimental Analysis on Transportation Problem: A New Approach to Allocate Zero Supply or Demand for All Transportation Algorithm
Md. Ashraful Babu, Utpal Kanti Das, Aminur Rahman Khan, Md. Sharif Uddin
418-422 pdf
60. A Review on Current Research and Development in Abrasive Waterjet Machining
M. M. Korat, Dr. G. D. Acharya
423-432 pdf
61. A Review of Research on Improvement and Optimization of Performance Measures for Electrical Discharge Machining
C. R. Sanghani, Dr. G. D. Acharya
433-450 pdf
62. A Computational Model Of Episodic Memory Encoding In Dentate Gyrus Hippocampus Sub Region As Pattern Separator Using ART Neural Network
Sudhakar Tripathi, R.B.Mishra
451-460 pdf

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