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S.No. Title Downloads
1. Reserves and their Relationships with Biodiversity: Jordanian Reserves pdf
2. River Valleys and their Topography: Examining the Relationship betweenWater Velocity and Gradient pdf
3. Experimental Studies on Reduction of Cyclic Time for Drilling Processfor Assembly Method in Diffuser pdf
4. A Novel Hyperbolic Position Location Estimation inWi-Fi Environments pdf
5. Review on Efficiency of Organic Solid Waste Management pdf
6. Administración Por Procesos: Impacto en la Gestión de las instituciones de Educación Superior, caso Facultad de Ciencias Administrativas de La Universidad Central del Ecuador. pdf
7. Assessment of Combined Drought Index and Mapping of Drought Vulnerability in Jordan pdf
8. Adaptive Noise Elimination pdf
9. Study on some Polynuclear Metal Complexes with Schiff Base Ligands pdf
10. Peak load shifting in cloud computing environment using Advanced Metering Infrastructure pdf
11. Object Motion Detecting Without Color and Object Tracking With Image Processing pdf
12. Settlement Layout for Disaster Prevention pdf
13. Anti-leaking Automotive Shock Absorber pdf
14. A comparative experimental analysis of separate and combined feature extracion and recognition for ANN pdf
15. The Enabling Technologies of Industry 4.0 in the Development of New Products: A Case Study in Companies of the Automotive Segment pdf
16. Process Parameters Optimization of Wire Electrical Discharge Machining for Inconel 601 using Gray Relational Analysis pdf
17. The effect of using a reactor with CFLs and LED lamps on their power quality pdf
18. D- and A-Optimal Design for Mixture Experiments Using some Trigonometric Models pdf
19. Estimation of Rainfall Missing Data in an Arid Area using Spatial and EM Methods pdf
20. Performance Study of the System with optimal location of SVC device using AHP method under different operating conditions pdf
21. The Challenging Development of ICT Professionals and Thailand 4.0 Success: A Prediction of Academic Performance of CS Graduates pdf
22. Traffic related Air Pollution and Health Impacts pdf
23. Numerical Modeling of Carrier Transport Ratedue to Electrostatic InteractioninSemiconductorHg1-xCdxTe pdf
24. Kinetic Modelling for Rotating Biological Contactor for Treatment of Greywastewater pdf
25. Critical review on Thermal and Mechanical properties of Natural fibres and nano-materials based polymeric Hybird Composites pdf
26. Maximizing Range Using Ultrasonic Sensor and Arduino pdf
27. Effect of Winding Speed on Yarn Properties pdf
28. The Impact of using R-410A in Kuwait pdf
29. Design & Performance Evaluation of Scalable Linear Frequency Transposition technique in Digital Hearing Aid pdf
30. Iot Based Vehicle Health Monitoring System pdf
31. Broad Band Microstrip Patch Antenna Using Foam Gap Substrate for Wi-Fi Band pdf
32. Assessment of Water Quality Index of Two Fresh Water Bodies from Bhiwandi Tahsil, Dist. Tahne pdf
33. Natural Frequency, Ride Frequency and their Influence inSuspension System Design pdf
34. Intuition by Design: A Comparative Study on the Qualitative Aspects of Designerly Problems pdf
35. Implementation of Minimum Delay Voltage Level Shifter for Multisupply Voltage Design pdf
36. The North Platte River Basin: Past, Present, and Future Patterns and Extremes in Streamflow pdf
37. Lung Cancer Detection Using Artificial Neural Network pdf
38. Survey Report on Cryptography in E-Mail Security pdf
39. Research, design and manufacture a pig stomach cleaning machine pdf
40. Effect of Variation in Impeller Diameters on Performance of Centrifugal Blower pdf
41. A Review on Effects of Air Pollution pdf
42. Performance Comparison of RandomForest and Hoeffding Tree classifier using WEKA data mining tool on Car reviews data pdf
43. The Use of Egg Color of Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) as a Quality Criterion pdf
44. Mathematical Modelling of MHD Unsteady heat and mass transfer of a Micropolar fluid past a vertical semi-infinite porous inclined plate and magnetic field with Soret and Dufour effects pdf
45. New non-edible resource for biodiesel production in Ghana pdf
46. Deep row trenching of waste water treatment works sludge: modelling water flow and nutrient transport in soil profile with HYDRUS-2D pdf
47. Design and Characterization of Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna for Under Water Communication pdf
48 Implementation of Image Contrast Enhancement using Svd, Dwt and Fuzzy Measures pdf
49. Effect of Moment Capacity Ratio at Beam-Column Joint on Ductility and Lateral Strength of RC Framed Building pdf
50. Chemical Kinetic Of The Synthesis Of 2-(1-{6-[(2-2'-[18F]Fluoroethoxyethyl)(Methyl)Amino]-2-Naphthyl}Ethylidene)Malononitrile([18F]FEONM) As A Tau Protein Imaging Agent pdf
51. Comparative Study and Evaluation of Two Different Finite Element Models for Piston Design pdf
52. 3d Image Reconstruction Using Automatic Depth Extraction from 2d Images Using Machine Learning pdf
53. Density, viscosity and IR spectroscopy studies of binary mixture of aniline and nitrobenzene with 2-methyl-2 propanol at 298.15 k pdf
54. Emotional Maturity and Happiness among Emerging Adults pdf
55. Anomalies in texts using Clustering and Convolutional Neural Networks pdf
56. DWT Based Method to Locate Tumor from T2-W Axial Head Scans pdf
57. Interpretation of the Principia's Third Law of Motion pdf
58. Development of Non – Weighing Lysimeter pdf
59. Onlinefacility of Flight Ticket booking using Blockchain pdf
60. Evaluation of carbon footprint for contribution to global climate change: a Review pdf
61. Determination of Electric and MagneticFields in Terms of Current by using the Lorentz Condition Approach pdf
62. Effect of Heat Transfer on Peristaltic flow of Jeffrey fluid through Porous Medium in a Non-Uniform Channel pdf
63. A Study of Groundwater Quality of Cheranallur Panchayath of Kochi, South India pdf
64. Lane Detection for Autonomous Vehicle pdf
65. Study of the Influence of the Micro-Abrasive Wear Modes on the Behaviors of the Volume of Wear and Coefficient of Friction of Thin Films Submitted to Micro-Abrasive Wear pdf
66. A Review on Working,Treatment and Performance Evaluation of Sewage Treatment Plant pdf
67. Experimental Study of Concrete Modified with Medium Carbon Steel Fine Particles pdf
68. Economic Return of Using Capacitor Banks in Residential Facilities pdf
69. People and Object Identification for visually impaired Persons pdf
70. Effect of Reactive Power Compensation and Power Factor Correction on Power System Performance pdf
71. Smart health monitoring system using internet of things (IoT) pdf
72. Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles by using Fruit and Vegetable Waste: a Review pdf
73. Window Based Stereo Image Depth Mapping On Fpga pdf
74. Design IoT House installation system pdf
75. Asset Management of an Electricity Distribution System up to 132KV pdf






























































































































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