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S.No. Title Downloads
1. Determination of Traffic Magnitude and Its Time Dependent Variation Further Emission Audit To Assess Critical Pollutants near A Sensitive Location In Mysuru City pdf
2. Determination of Variations in Traffic Magnitude and related EmissionsNear A Sensitive Location inMysuru City pdf
3. Measurement of Soil Resistivity by Sampling Method pdf
4. To Review, the Optimization of Space Frame Structures pdf
5. Analysis of Recommendation System Design Techniques pdf
6. Predicting Of Tomatoes Disease in Smart Farming Using IoT and AI pdf
7. Revolution of Planets of Solar System from By Two Different Methods and Its Application to Milky Way and To Fetus Development Time Scale pdf
8. Effect of cadmium oxide nanoparticles on the performance characteristics of a compression ignition engine fuelled by microalgae methyl ester at 30% with pure diesel pdf
9. Comparative analysis for performance characteristics of a compression ignition engine running on microalgae methyl ester and diesel blends with base engine and coated engine pdf
10. Design and Development of Re-Generative Electro Motor pdf
11. Convolution Neural Networks for Plant Disease Identification pdf
12. Dust Emission Due To Stone Crushing Activities in Kondhwa Region (Pune) pdf
13. Fungi Activity on Chicken (Gallus gallusdomesticus) Eggshell and Their Pores Invasion by Scanning Electron Microscopy pdf
14. Applications of Natural Language Processing pdf
15. Prevention of E-Fraud by Self-Authenticating the e-Documents pdf
16. Study on Various Properties of Light Weight Aggregate Concrete by Mineral Admixtures and Steel Fibers pdf
17. A study on distress and cause of distress in Rigid Pavements pdf
18. A Tracking System Control Approach Applied on a Rotary Inverted Pendulum Model pdf
19. Critical Geometric Design Parameters Affecting Accommodation and Haulage of Large Trucks on Selected Inter-State Roads in Southern Nigeria pdf
21. Alternative Electric Current in Dynamics of Unclosed Conductor pdf
22. Biodegradation of pyrene and anthracene by Pseudomonas aeruginosa TGC-02 in submerged culture pdf
23. Performance Comparison between DWT and PSD as Feature Extraction with SVM Classifier Using DEAP pdf
24. INDO KISAN pdf
25. Maceration extraction of oil from tamanu (Calophyllum inophyllum L.) seeds: Effect of process parameters and oil characterisations pdf
26. Two-Handed Robot Control Algorithm by Neural Network Method pdf
27. Experimental Investigation on Green Concrete Using Partial Replacement of Fly Ash and Reused Agreegate pdf
28. Lettuce (Lactuva sativa L.) Irrigated with Domestic Sewage Treated in Protected Environment pdf
29. Review on Steel FiberEnriched Reinforced Concrete pdf
30. Role of Internet of Things (IOT) In Pandemic Covid-19 Condition pdf
31. Performance comparison of PID and TID controllers using Genetic Algorithm and Grey Wolf Optimization technique for Magnetic levitation system pdf
32. Optimized Food Delivery Network based on Spatial Crowdsourcing pdf
33. Reduction of assembly time in ball valve manufacturing using DMAIC methodology pdf
34. Systamatic study of how cell division takes place in human fetus development based on Time pdf
35. The Study of Effect of Speed Process Parameters in Fused Deposition Modeling 3D Printing for ABS Material pdf
36. Motor Current Signature Analysis to Detect Bearing Fault in Three Phase Induction Motor pdf
37. Design Modelling and Analysis of Helical Gear using FEA for various materials pdf
38. Characterization of Solid Waste Management pdf
39. Performance Characteristic of a four Cylinder Four Stroke Petrol Engine pdf
40. A Prototype Model for Wearable Posture Monitoring System with Vibration Sensor pdf
41. Design Studios ft. The Perfect Drafting Table pdf
42. Heat Enhancement in Mini Channel Heat Exchanger using Software Analysis Method pdf
43. Systamatic study of how cell division takes place in human fetus development based on Time pdf
44. Smart Waste Management Using Vehicle Tracking System pdf
45. Automatic Face Recognition and Detection Using OpenCV, Haar Cascade and Recognizer for Frontal Face pdf
46. Architecture of System Design of E-verification and E- authentication of Driver in Saudi Arabia in Covid-19 using Bluetooth, fingerprint, Maps Technology pdf
47. Recycled Glass Powder replaces Fine Aggregate – Effect on Compressive Strength pdf
48. Expert System for Diagnosis of Skin lesion using Android Application with Tensor Flow API pdf
49. Analytical study of MHD free convective, dissipative boundary layer flow pasta porous vertical surface with conjugate Soret effect andinfluence of heat source in the presence of thermal radiation, chemical reaction and constant suction pdf
50. Energy Balance in Induction Furnace and Arc Furnace Steelmaking pdf
51. Bharathanatyam Dancers in Olden Day Cinema pdf
52. Automatic Face Recognition and Detection Using Open CV, Haar Cascade and Recognizer for Frontal Face pdf
53. Glass Powder and Flyash replacing cement for Sustainable Concrete pdf
54. Design of residential villa applying concept of 'SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE' in Gotri area pdf
55. Effect of Eggshell Powder and Coconut shell Aggregate on M40 and M50 grades of concrete pdf
56. Determination and Treatment of Fluoride in Temple Tank by Adsorption using Citrullus Lanatus pdf
57. Experimental Study on Steel fiber enriched reinforced concrete pdf
58. Evaluate of Cybercrime Violence and Mitigation pdf
59. Performance Comparison of Schottky Diode models for RF Energy Harvesting pdf
60. Cliff Swallows are good Masons for their Own Plan and Architecture of Nest pdf
61. Rheological Huet-Sayegh Model Applied for Asphalt Rubber pdf
62. Behaviour of Heavy Metals on the Properties of "High Performance Cement Mortar pdf
63. A Survey on Multi Objective Dynamic Facility Layout and its planning pdf
64. Study on Scarcity and Remediation of Ground Water Recharge in Patna Region pdf
65. Design of Eco Car pdf
66. Retracing the Colonial Roots of Bungalow Architecture in Bangalore pdf
67. Architecture in cinema pdf
68. Mechanical Characterization of LM 6 Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) with SiC and CuSO4 as Reinforcement pdf
69. Digitalization of ECG Records pdf
70. Smart Urban Growth Understanding urban infill and it's impact pdf
71. Sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L. Lam) nutritional potential and social relevance: a review pdf
72. The Utilization of Electrokinetics for the Treatment of Industrial Wastewater -Industrial Size Experimental Study pdf
73. Dense Bituminous Macadam Preparation by Utilizing Waste Plastic pdf
74. Artificial Intelligence Enabled Laser Fence System for Object Classification pdf
75. Smart Bin Waste Management Network using LoRa and Internet of Things pdf
76. Development of Circular Ring Specimens for Friction Determination in Metal Forming Process by Using Experimental Testing pdf
77. Effect of Injection Timing on the Performance and Exhaust Emissions of a Diesel Engine using Diesel– Pupae biodiesel blends pdf



































































































































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